Why you should become a SolAds Publisher today.

  • Unique Business Model

    SolAds Media is the specialist for Internet advertising in the market for dating and erotic contacts. We deliver over 3 billion ad impressions per month worldwide. As the only marketer, we focus exclusively on the inventory of large advertising markets. In addition, we offer 100% transparency across our entire ad portfolio.

  • Stronger Together

    Nowadays above all, advertisers need reach. We therefore bundle the inventory of many publishers and make them stronger together. We provide high-performance ad serving, hourly reporting, state-of-the-art targeting technology and a user-friendly workflow to enable online marketers to effectively manage and scale their advertising campaigns.

  • Maximum yield

    The Internet dating market is a highly complex network of thousands of players, countless business models, global and local players and hidden champions. Focus on your core business and let the experts work for you. We have the experience to bring your advertising space to maximum profit.

  • Quick reports, quick payout

    Our statistics are updated hourly, the data can be integrated into your systems via API. Payments are made quickly and reliably by bank, Paypal and Paxum within 10 working days.

  • Client Service made in Germany

    Our publisher team is available for you 7 days a week. We have many years of experience in digital marketing. Together with your team we proactively and continuously optimize your placements for the highest possible yield.

  • Highly flexible ad integration

    We offer a very flexible system to integrate text ads natively into your website. Display size, colors, fonts, images - everything can be customized. If it is to be fast, standard tags are available for various sizes of advertising space. Copy & paste & make money!

  • Bypass Adblockers

    At least 20% of your sales are lost through Adblockers. Some studies even assume higher losses. Our technology ensures that your ads are shown when a user has activated an adblock software.

  • Spyware & Trojans

    All ads and landing pages are scanned several times per hour for malware, spyware, trojans and viruses. We ensure that your content does not contain infected adverts and that your users are not directed to infected websites. In addition, our ad tags are fully HTTPS compatible.

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Integration Examples

Text Ads

Large, small, long, short, with and without picture, adapt colors and fonts. 1, 2, 3 or 10 adverts on the page, it's your choice. The size and design of our text ads can be modified and adapted to your website. You can also easily use our standard designs. The integration is done with a simple asynchronous javascript, which does not block the loading of your site.

Distributed Text Ads

You can request as many ads as you want with a single request and then distribute them automatically or event-driven on your site. In the example, the first bidder is displayed on the left, advert 2 is shown as a leaderboard in the middle, and advert 3 is shown as a medium rectangle in the right column.

Banner for Desktop & Mobile Devices

In addition to text ads, we also offer banners in many different sizes for desktop and mobile screens. The integration works also with a simple asynchronous javascript tag, which does not block the loading of your page. Our provide Viewport Detection, adverts are not loaded until they appear in the visible area of the screen. This, you can also use our banner tags "below the fold".


Interstitials offer increased attention. They are usually displayed to the user before the main site is loaded. After a certain period of time or when the user actively closes it, the advert disappears and the user gets a clear view of the contents of your website. Our interstitials can be implemented in any size.


The scroll-to-bottom placement is a layer that appears when the user has scrolled to the bottom of the page. In general, high click rates can be achieved here, because at the time of the impression the user did not find what he was looking for. This placement is variable in the number of adverts, as well as in the width and height. Again, text, image size, and other layer design can be customized to your page design.

Sticky Ads

Sticky ads stick to the left, right, top, or bottom of the browser window and lie over the actual content of the page. While scrolling, they do not change their position. You can customize the number of adverts, design text, images and frames, or use our default templates.

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