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We are proud to announce that on June 19th 2023, we have launched our brand new user interface! Our team has been working diligently to enhance your experience and to provide a more intuitive platform.

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How to open up your advertiser account (#2001)

(Last Update: 10.06.2021)

A. Use the Self-Service Setup

You can setup an advertiser account using the Advertiser Signup Form. If you have validated your email, confirmed our terms and conditions and our team has approved your account you are ready to start.

B. Using the Advertiser Support

If you have any problems during the setup process please send the following data to our support by email so we can create the advertiser account for you:

  • Company Name and address
  • Contact with email address and telephone number
  • Your VAT-ID (if located in the EU)
  • Invoice Address (if not Company address)
  • Email address for invoices

C. Setting Up Budget with Insertion Order (only for Invoice Customers)

We offer invoice payment for long-term clients and big spenders. This requires a signed insertion order (IO) so we can assign a budget limit (fixed budget) or a credit limit (fixed monthly budget) to your advertising account. In line with your budget we will send you a monthly invoice with the actual costs by email. Payment terms are 10 days.