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Additional Questions about Payment (#2005)

(Last Update: 16.09.2015)

  1. Are bids including VAT and any discounts?
    No. Bids are gross-gross before VAT and any discounts.

  2. VAT exemption for EU Advertisers outside Germany
    If you have a valid VAT identification number (VAT ID) and your company is based within the EU (outside Germany) we will charge you without VAT. Please note that this does only happen after we have received your VAT ID. We will not refund any VAT that has been charged before.

  3. Will invoices be sent by post or email?
    We will send invoices exclusively by email. If you have a specific billing email address please add this under 'Finance' in your account.

  4. Where can I specify an alternative billing address?
    You can specify a billing address under 'Finance' » Contacts.

  5. Are there any extra costs for bank transfers from EU countries?
    No, since 1st July 2003 a EU bank transfers in EUR must have the same price as a national bank transfer.