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Recommended Tracking Solutions (#2034)

(Last Update: 20.04.2020)

Logo Absbridge


AdsBridge is a tracker and TDS system with own SmartLinks. It is the first of its kind tracker which not only tracks and optimizes your campaigns but also provides you with the list of SmartLinks and offers you can monetize your traffic with.

Our key advantages:

  • - detailed statistics (50+ parameters)
  • inbuilt landing page editor (choose ready-to-use template or create landing page from scratch);
  • prices include visits only, we don’t charge for all events (impressions, conversions, clicks etc.);
  • 100+ templates of CPA networks and advertising networks, including SolAds Media

Just find SolAds Media in the list of traffic source templates and add to your campaign. Ready!

Grab your one-time 50% discount for any subscription except for Starter- code SolAdsMedia50

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Logo Bemob


BeMob is a cloud-based tracking software with a wide range of advanced features to track, analyse and optimise advertising campaigns. Along with advanced tracking features such as no-redirect tracking, advanced rules and smart rotations, multi-user access etc. it offers instant redirects, real-time stats and detailed reporting system. BeMob provides all SolAds Media clients with the bonus - 25% off discount on any paid plan + addons for 1 month. Use promocode SOLADSMEDIA25 with registration to grab your bonus.

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Logo Binom


Was released back in 2016 and for only 3 years became the 2nd most popular tracker according to AdPlexity stats. Binom is simple and easy self-hosted tracking platform with professional capabilities. During development Binom team concentrated on the operational speed and flexibility to solve the maximum spectrum of AM's tasks. Fix cost. $99/month for any amount of clicks.

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Logo Landingtrack

LandingTrack is the Most Advanced Tracking solution on the market. The only Tracking System + Auto optimization, a ONE stop solution. Delivering more than 8 Billion clicks per month and automating more than 5.000 campaigns every day. Pricing starts at 29$/month for 300K clicks.

How to integrate SolAds with LandingTrack? 3 Simple steps:

  1. Select from LandingTrack Side Menu > Traffic Sources
  2. Click on button Connect new Source. From the panel select the option > Template DSPs and select SolAds Media
  3. Click on button Edit to check your Campaign URL tokens and add the one you want then, click SAVE

> Click to see implementation screenshot from Landingtrack

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Logo Peerclick


PEERCLICK is an advanced ad tracking platform which enables you to work with different kinds of networks, advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool. Amongst others the platform offers SAAS technology, Anti Bot Protection, Smart Routing and Smart Rotation, Anti Fraud system, Multicurrency. We remind you that you don't need to specifically configure the integration between Solads Media and the tracker. All the settings are already pre-designed by default. Register and don't forget your promo code "SOLADSMEDIA50" to get a 50 dollars deposit as a discount for any billing plan. It is a limited-time offer, so you better act fast!

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Logo Wecantrack


Wecantrack connects all your affiliate conversion and traffic data in one sophisticated dashboard and integrates it in your marketing tools so you can focus on improving your campaigns and marketing performance. 30 days of free trial. With paid accounts starting at €50,- per month with the capacity of 500.000 sessions.

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Logo Voluum


Voluum is a cloud-hosted tracking software that provides data analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools to make advertising easier and more profitable. Voluum lets you track all your campaigns in one place. You get extensive data analytics from all paid and organic sources. Starts at $49 per month (yearly payment) and a maximum of 1.000.000 events

> Click to see implementation screenshot from Voluum app

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