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Setup a Banner Campaign (#2007)

(Last Update: 30.05.2023)

The Basic Campaign Structure

LevelRoleImportant Rules
Campaigns Select your targeting options and other main settings here
  1. One single campaign per country per device type (Mobile or Desktop/Tab)
Ad GroupsUsed to group banners of the same size
  1. This is the bidding level => set your CPM here
  2. Add a Click URL here applying to all adverts of this group.
Sector Bids (or Channels) You can target a specific contextual group by selecting a sector bid (channel), e.g. Casual Dating.
  1. Find your channel under Ad Group > Details > Targeting
  2. You can only select one single channel per adgroup
  3. Target each channel with specific offers and adverts
Ads (or Adverts) The advert item defines the size and the individual click url of a banner (overwrites Ad Group Click URL)
  1. Only one banner image per advert
  2. Give each advert an individual name
  3. We are not rotating banners within one single advert
Images (or Media) An image file need to be uploaded and assigned to the advert to create the final Banner Ad
  1. Banners without correct images will not be served.

Setting up a Banner Campaign - Video Tutorial

Turn on your sound and use full screen view for better readability.