Dear Valued Advertising Customer and Publishers,
We are proud to announce that on June 19th 2023, we have launched our brand new user interface! Our team has been working diligently to enhance your experience and to provide a more intuitive platform.

All about the most important updates...
Support > Advertiser > Traffic Buying Options for Ad Networks

Traffic Buying Options for Ad Networks (#2035)

(Last Update: 22.04.2020)

These are the options to buy traffic from our network:

1. Direct Campaign Management using our self-service platform

  • Direct Campaign and Media Setup (standard)
  • Media setup using JS-Tags or iframes for graphical banners. Cannot be used for Native Text Ads.

2. Automated API Campaign Management

  • You can use our advertiser API to create/update adverts (not feasible for realtime updates).
  • You can integrate reporting data into your system using our reporting API.

3. Server-side integration (XML, JSON, RTB standards)

  • We are trying to keep this to an absolute minimum for low overall bandwidth and response times.
  • Only for advertisers/advertising networks with +1.000€ daily spent.
  • We will request adverts from your servers for all/a subset of our publisher requests.
  • Latency + response times of your ad serving environment must be around 50ms.